Lessons are held weekly and vary in length, depending on the age and skill level of the student.  That said, the standard lesson length for young beginners is 30 minutes.  Some adults prefer an hour-long lesson because it allows more time for discussion.

What will I learn?

Every student has different musical goals and I try my best to take these into account in order to plan rewarding lessons catered to the individual student.  The foundation of all lessons, however, is the same and is designed to give each student a well-rounded musical education that will set them up for success in whatever direction their musical life takes them.


All of my students learn to read music, no matter what their age.  Even young students, in my experience, pick this up with relative ease.  Having this skill opens up a world of music exploration beyond formal lessons.


I’ve found that when I take a casual, conversational approach to music theory, mixing it into lessons in a practical, students generally understand what I…  One of the most rewarding moments as a teacher is when I see a light bulb goes off in a student’s head as a new concept “clicks.” You will hear music in a completely different way when you understand why it works.


Have you ever watched a pianist’s fingers dance across the keys and wondered how they made it look so effortless?  These musicians have mastered the technique necessary to make their music flow smoothly and freely while still maintaining control of the tone and touch.  This video demonstrates “good” and “bad” technique very succinctly.  Aside from the musical benefits of proper technique, practicing these skills also also helps avoid injury and strain.


I rely heavily on students’ personal musical interests and preferences in selecting repertoire.  In general, I lead students through the Piano Adventures series and supplement with pop, jazz, classical, sacred, and ensemble pieces to suit the student’s interests.

With young students who may not have clearly defined goals, I take a classical approach because I think this foundation gives students the most flexibility to pursue any genre of music or instrument as they get older and their interests develop.


I encourage students to perform (even if only in a casual setting for family or friends) but I never require it.  I typically hold two recitals each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  I am also happy to help students prepare for music festivals, competitions, school talent, and other performance opportunities outside of my studio.

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